Hosting & rock star support

Once built, we'll make sure you and your websites get the right level of love and attention.


All our websites are hosted on our own dedicated hardware. This lets us provide rock-solid reliability and lightning fast performance for your website - big or small!

We constantly monitor, upgrade, tweak and generally fuss over our servers to ensure that everything runs smoothly, routinely achieving better than 99.9% availability across our services.

Secure, reliable, and tied directly into the European Internet backbone, our hosting service is second to none. Our hosting platform sits at the heart of the Internet in the UK and interacts directly with other cloud service providers. If it's big data you need to work with, or need that chunk of extra capacity when things go viral, we can help you out too.

Domain management

Let us manage your domains. We manage the registration, transfers, ownership details and renewals of your domains. We ensure your domains are guaranteed to renew and do not expire or fall into the hands of your competitors. You may be surprised how easy it is to allow a domain, the core of your brand identity, to fall into suspension.

Psand have been Nominet UK registrars, for over 20 years, alongside the likes of Apple, Amazon and the BBC and have managed countless domains in that period without a hitch.

DNS management

Our DNS service has achieved 100% availability for the last 3 years, which is as long as we bother to keep the records.

If your DNS is down, your website is down, it's that business critical. Don't leave it to chance.


Having secured websites with end-to-end encryption for over 20 years, we’re very experienced in certificate installation and management.

We have bags of experience upgrading insecure sites, having done 45 simultaneous migrations on one system, seamlessly.

Why do I need HTTPS?

Why would you want all of the above looked after by us?

One simple answer:
Peace of mind.

The simplicity of knowing that all pieces of the jigsaw are in place to keep your online presence running like clockwork, allows you to focus on what you do best. Don't learn the hard way.

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