MINI UK dealer network

BMW Mini - case study

Connecting dealers to their local customers

  • 144 dealer websites
  • Over 1.5 million unique visits
  • 10 years continuous service

Following on from the success of our BMW dealer network multi-website content management solution, in 2001 we were again engaged by Bristol based marketing agency EMO to supply a CMS to provide dealer websites for the MINI UK dealership network.

The dealer websites needed to reflect the MINI corporate identity and the CMS had to give each dealer the tools with which to manage specific content on their dealer websites, whilst enabling central CMS control by the MINI UK Marketing team.

How we did it

We provided the following products and services.

  • Website design and build
  • Multi-website content management platform
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Hosting, maintenance & technical support
  • 3rd party application integration & management
  • Account management
  • Project management
  • Reporting & analytics

Using our in-house Changing Pages multi website CMS platform we built a local website system that gave dealers the ability to create and manage content at a local dealer level whilst also giving the MINI UK Marketing team the ability to create and manage content at a national level.

Each dealer could perform the following tasks using the CMS:

  • Add and create news articles
  • Edit text and images
  • Create finance examples
  • Create new pages
  • Create new web banners
  • Create event pages and capture lead data
  • Manage address, opening times and contact details
  • Post vacancies
  • Schedule publishing of content

Elements of this content e.g News Articles were passed through a quality assurance process to the MINI UK Marketing team prior to publishing to ensure consistent on-brand messaging.

The MINI UK Marketing team could perform the following tasks at a national CMS level, creating and publishing content to all or specified dealer websites.

  • News articles
  • Web banners
  • Special offer pages
  • Finance examples

In addition, new dealer websites could be quickly and easily added with full admin access given to provide the desired level of control.

New model content was integrated into the dealer websites directly from the UK national website - along with MINI Cherished used car content.

We provided three different versions of websites for the dealer network.

  • Full dealer website
  • Service only website
  • Group website


From 2001 to 2011 the MINI dealer website network delivered over a million and a half visits generating multiple leads covering test drives, service requests, brochure requests and contact us requests.