BMW Motorrad Ireland

BMW Motorrad Ireland - case study

Supporting the ultimate riding machine

  • National website visits boosted by 42%
  • 22% increase in registrations

Following directly on from our launch of the BMW Motorrad UK national and dealer network multi-website CMS, we were again engaged by Bristol based marketing agency EMO to supply the BMW Motorrad Republic of Ireland national website and 2 dealer websites.

BMW Motorrad UK needed a solution to enable them to coordinate and manage the content of both their UK and Ireland national and dealer websites.

How we did it

We provided the following products and services.

  • Website design and build
  • Multi-website content management platform
  • Quality assurance content approval
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Hosting, maintenance & technical support
  • 3rd party application integration & management
  • Account management
  • Project management
  • Reporting & analytics

Using our Changing Pages multi-website CMS platform we designed and built the BMW Motorrad Ireland national website and 2 dealer websites. This employed the same functionality as the UK build but with national variances, such as updating the bike manager to enable bike prices to be displayed in Euros and adding switches so that content could be selected to be displayed on either the UK or Ireland websites.

Key features included:

  • Bike manager - Bike data (prices, specifications, brochures, images and multimedia downloads). Updated to enable bikes to be allocated to either BMW Motorrad UK, BMW Motorrad Ireland websites or both. Price fields were expanded to enable display of prices in euros.
  • National and dealer news managers - Enabling the creation and posting of news articles including images and multimedia
  • Banner manager – Enabling the creation of bespoke web banners by dealers and publication of national brand campaign banners onto all dealer websites in a single update
  • Multi-domain - The national Ireland website and 2 dealership websites were designed to share the same web architecture as the BMW Motorrad UK using a predefined template system allowing for design consistency
  • Content sharing - Core content, such as bike prices and specifications is shared between the UK and Ireland National and Dealer websites enabling updates and additions to be made in a single location and applied to multiple websites.
  • Quality assurance workflow - BMW Motorrad Ireland can preview, check and approve content generated by the dealer network before it is published onto their websites. This is used to ensure finance examples, terms and conditions and even just copy is correct, legal and on-brand.
  • Skinning - Motorcycle dealerships are passionate about biking and are particularly passionate about their chosen colours. A number of different colour schemes were implemented - not just a surface change, but deep down root and branch changes to every aspect of the website and CMS.

The project ran from launch in 2011 until project completion in March 2015.