Managing multiple websites easily

Do you have 2, 20 or 2000 websites that need managing? Would you love to be able to manage all of these from one place? Changing Pages is your own bespoke multi-website content management system (CMS), designed specifically to service website networks. Whether that's car dealers, restaurant, hotel and pub chains or bank branches, it enables you to produce, manage and publish website content for your outlets at a global, regional and local level.

Quick and simple to use, our web-based solution is used by companies such as BMW, Alfa Romeo and Holiday Inn to increase productivity, decrease marketing campaign lead times and reduce management overheads, all within a secure and stable environment.

Key benefits

  • Increases productivity
  • Easy to use = Less training
  • Instantly add new websites, microsites and campaign landing pages
  • Create content (Banners, news, pages, images) and assign to all or selected websites
  • Create, control and deploy content without IT engagement
  • Stockpile and schedule content for future automated publishing
  • SEO management access
  • Multilingual - as many languages as you wish
  • Direct publishing to Social Media channels
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Changing Pages CMS features

Changing Pages comes with numerous out-of-the-box managers and functions as standard, so you can get cracking straight away. If by any chance you need it to do something different, don't worry - just tell us what you want, and we'll build it and plug it in for you.


Create and manage website banners instantly, no need to book and wait for “studio time”. Change the look of a page immediately, DIY is the way to go. Use the banner manager to add banners quickly and easily to multiple sites or just one.

Site map

Get cracking on changing the very DNA of your websites with our site map manager. Become Google's best friend by updating your page titles and descriptions. Make whole pages invisible - just like that - to create secret campaign landing pages accessible from trackable vanity URLs.

Social media

Post, Tweet and share your website content in one easy click. Use our social media manager to create images optimised for each social media platform. Maintain your brand with templates and styling. Now you have the perfect excuse to use social media at work - result!

Online store

Our platform can integrate with any online store application enabling you to offer e-commerce functionality with product, promotion, and shopping cart features integrating with your chosen payment gateway.


Upload multiple images in one go - crop and resize them just the way you want them, add some descriptive text that search engines love, click, publish and voila!


Why do marketing campaigns and product launches always start and finish on the most inconvenient dates? Fed up with having to make changes on January 1st? Worry not - schedule content to appear and disappear days, weeks, months or even years in the future.

Custom reports and analysis

We use a range of tools to deliver customised reports with detailed analysis and recommendations on how to reach your business goals. Download a stack of handy reports at the click of a button, talk us through what information you want to see, how you want to see it and how often.


Extra, extra read all about it! Our News Manager could give you a circulation to rival Murdoch's (but without the lawsuits). Add your own news articles with images and videos, publish them to one or all of your websites, then share on social media.


We have the tools to help your franchisees showcase their business. Add image galleries, YouTube videos, 3D tours and more.

Realtime analytics

View visitors to your website, what they look at and what they do. See the instant impact of your advertising and marketing campaigns from the comfort of your integrated dashboard. Analyse to your heart's content with automatically generated reports, showing network usage, user insights, goal conversions and return on investment.


Plan a kick-ass event with our event manager, with guest registration, customisable text and more - once done - assign it to one or all of your websites. Download your guest list to help personalise invites and schedule the removal of your event when finished, or archive your event pages and dust them off again when you need to.

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