Expand your e-commerce business with Psand's extensive tools and knowledge

Psand take a flexible approach to e-commerce development. Whether it's your first storefront, a re-design of your current site, re-platforming or integration with other business processes, we can help.

We select the best open-source tools to fit your requirements based on your business objectives. Be that Magento, Spree Commerce, OpenCart or a bespoke e-commerce solution we can provide the perfect responsive platform to support your online sales and drive digital growth.

We keep it simple, making updates easy and future developments straightforward. Once configured, we'll make sure the platform grows along with your business, adding in additional functionality & integrations as required.

When designing and building we always think customer first. Good user experience is crucial for high conversion rates and customer retention.

Combined with our own in-house content management platform, you'll have all the tools needed to support, manage and grow your online retail presence.

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All of our solutions are designed to be mobile first and responsive, meaning whatever devices your customers use to browse and purchase, their experience is fast, smooth and reliable.

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Going global

Combining multilingual, real time currency conversion and integration with local partners means we can support your international expansion to other territories.

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Seamless integration

We pride ourselves on being "Internet Superglue". Creating smooth data transfer to solve business bottlenecks is what we do best. Integrating with marketing resources, such as email & social media through to the business end of finance, inventory, despatch, printing and invoicing is fun to us. No, really.

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Hosting & support

All of our websites and supporting management systems are hosted on our own dedicated servers. We constantly monitor, backup and upgrade our servers, routinely achieving 99.9% uptime. Find out more about our hosting and rock star support

Managing multiple outlets

Psand's content management system, Changing Pages, gives you the power to manage hundreds of online stores from one interface, saving time and resources. From here, you may also assign single users or teams to manage single storefronts, or groups & regions. Whether you use this for different product lines, geographically local markets or different storefronts to target niche market segments, is up to you.

Nitty-gritty technology

As for our tech stack, Psand are very versatile with technologies we use.

For servers we mainly use Apache or NGINX — for backend Perl, PHP, Python, Node.js, Rails — for frontend "Vanilla" JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, React, Foundation, Bulma...

We are experts in refactoring code to replace outdated technology with modern standards to gain performance, reduce maintenance and ease development. Some of us older fossils have been developing for over 20 years when Internet Explorer Version 6 was a new, exciting (and quite frustrating) thing.

When the world first heard of adaptive design, HTML5 became a valid standard and the web started to request security certificates by default (HTTPS), we were among the first to implement these new standards.

Even behind the scenes, we follow the best practices of adopting cutting edge standards. Our development process utilises Git, Gitlab, CI/CD and automated tests with Puppeteer & Selenium. Our developers are capable of working both with old reliable stuff like Emacs and Linux terminal, as well as with newer fancy things such as VSCode, Atom, Sublime & Figma.

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